desk lamp

The main job in this project was to create and combine the flower strip. The 2nd was to arrange the ligths. There’s a unique method for the flowers allowing such task to be real. The method was established after many nights of searching, and involves deeper understanding of cruves vs surfaces.

PS is most valuable in putting the image in a frame.
Finally, it’s here. Now writing the exclusive tute:

i think it isnot origindity

What is the story behind the lamp? What differentiates it from other lamps? Is it easier to manufacture, does it come in many varieties? Give us some more information about why you chose this particular design.

put down the cad and pick up the pencil

Lamp with the right shades & lights is a modelling challange. I made one, didn’t have any success in interesting people so now I’m working on another
The idea of a wrapped around img intrigued me
Tnx for comment

i think the modelling is not artistic
Makes persistent efforts

So basically, you were proud of the modelling for the “flower band” on the shade and the “light patterns” cast from the light - not necessarily of the design itself? I am not sure that I really understand what kind of feedback you are looking for…your english seems to be very vague…