Desk Lamp recommendations please

TL;DR Give me your home office desk lamp recommendations please!

I had to move the home office from one well-lit bedroom to a less well-lit room, the overhead fixture is behind me, and now I can’t see what I’m sketching. I have one of the unglamorous, classic metal head and parallelogram arms things, which is a little too big for the desk and space.
Has anyone picked up some new and exciting fixture that’s changed their deskbound work life?
I’d like to spend under $50, which understandably doesn’t go far these days, but definitely under $100.
Can a Zoom ring light do double-duty as a desk lamp?

The weirdest thing I have found about LEDs is that warm light seems to operate a frequency that makes small text harder to read where the “annoying” cool light seems to offer state text. (to this old man’s eyes). I have done direct side by side testing.

I installed one of these just beyond a skylight in a hallway and on dark days it looks like daylight.

I was surprised how much I like this. Maybe to industrial.

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I love my Artemide Tolomeo desk lamp, way over your budget but I got it for free when the office shut down. :joy:

I agree about parallelogram lights taking up space, we got one of these PIXO second-hand and the form factor is great for a small desk and still allows you to bring it out over your work…

Here is a similar one that is a lot less and allows temperature adjustment:

Here’s their full line up of lamps:

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Cool I might be able to make an exception for that Pixo lamp. I think I met Pardo a while ago in SF, before he made it big.

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