desinger employment

industrial designers hello,
I know this question has been chewed here a lot but Il pop the question anyway. whats the income of a young industrial designer? where does he usualy been employed? whats the importance of the institution hes graduate from?
and the million dollar question…
Are you setisfied with what your doing?

thanx, ana

Are we supposed to guess where you live? Where you want to work? What area of ID you are looking at?


getting your first design gig can be tough…make as many professional contacts as you can and network…network…network…most jobs are on the east or west coast of the us (cannot speak for europe) and the pay isn’t always what it should be, but you can survive on it…be prepared to move on every few years for a while, but his will bump your pay and broaden your experience…your school isn’t all that important unless you are planning on transportation design (not familiar with italy schools)…after 30+ years, i wouldn’t do anything else…even if i could.

take a look at Coroflots Salary Survey for a good guide

Out of school I would think it should be btwn 40-60k a year depending on how many internships and skills you have

For me I had 2 internships during school, and my final year did some freelance for a company that ended up hiring me.

The importance of the institution you grad from should be based on teachers and what you feel is important for the growth of you as a designer. I have worked at places that have never herd of my school but hired me based on work they saw on coroflot.

-could not see myself doing anything else…