DesignSLAM #1 Competition Forum Poll

DesignSLAM #1 Competition Poll - pick your favorite

  • Slam #1: Pop Bottle - BlenderDefender
  • Slam #1: Commercial Food Packaging - abby
  • Slam #1: sugar sticks - bluegrrrl
  • Slam #1: Inexpensive ‘Garden’ Furniture - 73lotus
  • Slam #1: An end to the plastic grocery bag. - Sam

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Please take a moment to cast your vote in the Design SLAM #1 poll. If you haven’t read the competition guide or SLAM threads, please do before casting a vote (besides, there’s some good stuff in the discussions). This poll will be taken into account during final judging.

When voting, please remember to consider:

  • participant’s WIP discussion and final entry
  • participant’s participation in other SLAM discussions

Poll ends in one week (midnight next Monday, 21 Feb). Thanks for taking the time to cast your vote.

Sorry–I figured it out


too bad the net flix case never manifested. some good stuff came out of this though.