Designs in personal oral care

Working on a project in the personal oral care category…portable oral care - brushing on-the-go. Anyone done work in this area? …Oral B, Gillette, etc. Some similarities to the newly released OHSO which was an interesting leap forward in design.

yes, but not that I can talk about…

Have you seen the OHSO unit? High-end oral care on the go. Montblanc (sp?) -isk packaging. Kind of like the Circa 1978 Dove Bar of the oral care category. Breaking the price-point ceiling. Remember when the DoveBar first appeared…every thing else in the frozen desert category peaked out at .69c or less.

I see the Big Co’s (Gilette-WISP/Panasonic’s electric unit that looks like something out of the cosmetics category) and the entreprenuers pushing on the envelope of “on-the-go” oral care. What ?- influenced in part by the “always on the go” kinetic i-phone generation?

Also check out Jordan Go

Thanks - I had not seen the Jordan-GO. All barking up the same tree though. Several units similar - but not with the tooth paste packaged that way. Of course, the Jordan-GO is more of a mass-merchant effort… as opposed to the OHSO a unit for the deeper pocket .

Did you work on that project?

Sonicare made something called the IntelliClean while back. I think it has been discontinued but it was a self-dispensing brush.

Take a look at A nice piece of work. Not placed on the market by a big co - but an entrepreneurial start-up - a little guy.