Designs for how you work, for how you live.

I hope this is an appropriate venue for introducing architects to an innovative, contemporary furniture and interior design company. We invite you to browse Rekow Designs’ online portfolio of interiors (Look) and furniture (Buy) at

Working with teams that include contractors and architects, Rekow Designs specializes in dynamic, contemporary custom interiors, furnishings, cabinetry and lighting for commercial and residential application. Fabricators, specialists and suppliers from around the world are engaged to design innovative solutions for unique environments.

The collaborative design experience at Rekow Designs breaks open fixed sets of rules and allows people to create spaces that document their lives, travels and inspiration.

OK? So you do not have any designers on staff, that is obvious by the work showcased on your website. I for one applaud you for trying! I would suggest that for future projects you try to copy less well known work. Maybe try looking through some magazines from eastern Europe.

CASPER, I’ve seen much worse than this. It’s pretty run-of-the-mill stuff you see in most home-decorating mags today. Hate the tedious web site (over)design and the crass opportunism of advertising on a design discussion board, useless anyway in terms of potential sales.

run-of-the-mill stuff at museum-quality prices. wonder how this post is received on Interiors sites?

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“One should not ballet dance and design.” - Awnold Schwarzkopf

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I have some experience with the furniture market your in. In no way possible can a website sell expensive funiture on its own. (I’m sure you already know this) The biggest difference from IKEA and the type of furniture shown on the site is in the details (stitching, fabric texture, weight, etc.) and the website photos attempt to show this but were unsuccessful.

Another big reason why people spend $4,000 - $10,000 on furniture is due to the service or “romance” the company shows them. I felt that the intro page a bit arrogant, in that Beth seems to toot her own horn a bit too much (bragging about her own accomplishments)and doesn’t express what she is helping the buyer accomplish.

Nice furniture, but I can buy the same stuff from china for 20% of the cost if I do a basic google web search. Its a tough market that you’ve positioned yourself in.

The site is visually very nice, I just think the content needs to be refined. Hope this is constructive!

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