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Hi everybody,

Here my new website:

Please be free to critic, to comment it.
And enjoy!


pascal… i did enjoy, because
your site is VERY fast
navigation is not confusing
you have like a million sketches + products for me to oggle - too many to comment on them though…
the entire feel of the site is light, and once again, the speed reinforced that…

i’m not a fan of the scroll area being so small, ie , the header bar being so big. maybe i need a bigger monitor hmmm
dissapearing links are not cool IMO, unless a different text appears… like the “return” link… very nice… which brings me to my next point… i did not like going back to the main “lounge” everytime i wanted to visit a different section. maybe adda drop down menu to make jumping easier.

great use of pictures for your header bar. would be nicer if there was some tie in with whats on the site. is there?

on the whole… enjoyed …

You have a wonderful and extensive catalog of designs!

Perhaps you can showcase them more by making them more visible when one browses through them? The space you have chosen to format them in is claustrophobic… you could use more of the browser space; spread out a bit! Larger thumbnails, etc. Chronological access, by the way, is perfect for the size of your catalog.

In terms of flow of content, it feels as if there is a lot of empty space in between items of interest; having a stark, minimal format should really open up a lot of extra space for presentation! It feels as if there are many unnecessary steps to get back and forth between your catalog and individual designs, which kind of damps the excitement one should feel when they look at your designs.

Unlike some designer pages, which overburden the viewer with glitz and eye candy, despite the lack of interesting content, you really have a solid amount of material to showcase; it can stand on its own!

In summary, I would suggest:

-More immediate/direct access to your designs.
-Large preview/showcase of the designs when browsing.
-Perhaps a Flash presentation would help to unify the loading speed of individual elements?
-Exploit the full space of the browser window, rather than confining yourself to the middle of it! Perhaps you can remove the outlines around your presentation, and let the border of your material be implicit, to give it less of a printed-on-a-card feel?[/i]

Really nice site, clean and straightforward. Very nice renderings also, presented in a clean and consistent manner.

man that clock radio - gellule is a cute little product, the twist interface is a nice touch.

is it in production?

Great site with a nice clean feel, beautiful work. Very consistent and considered. I love it.

My only feedback is on a language level. I’ve noticed in a lot of portfolios that many European designers list their sketches as research. In the US we would consider research to be consumer insights, technical exploration, market demographics. We would call sketches design explorations, initial concepts, or just sketches.

I am not sure if you should change it (or put sketches below smaller or something). It depends who your portfolio is for I suppose.

Again, some awesome work there, thank you for sharing!

its great work!! but I’m not sure …what excatly you have done…no drawing …nocad…nothing …just ads of products…It’s fell like their should be a price on the bottom of each product for me to buy them…your porfolio is more like a online store …maybe you are trying to sell those products…I’m not sure …the products look great…but …I 'm not sure this is a porfoiio…???

Most of those look like renderings, really good renderings. Drawings are in the “research” section.

I see the rendering now… cool… I now wish they were in the same areas…it would be better…they would tell the story better…

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while!!
The time to update my website and here we go!
I will update it soon again (I 'm focusing now to find a new job!)

So enjoy!!

Hello Pascal, you have some nice work.

I wish that the Design section could be explored the same way as the Sketches (research) section. I think it has a better and smooth navigation.

I would also change the name of of research to sketches.

The background images makes it look a little like an architect site… it would be nice to see some details of products maybe.

Anyway, nice site.

Good luck.