Hi guys,

I hope this doesn’t come across as a shameless plug, as I’m interested in getting some feedback and thoughts around my idea.

I spent last weekend building is a user curated collection of web content that aims to provoke stimulating conversation around the subject of design.

If you’re familiar with HackerNews/[url=], that’s what I’m trying to emulate, though for design.

I’ve noticed there’s been a resurgence within blogging, particularly blogs providing longer, well-thought out articles. It might have something to do with devices such as the Kindle and iPad, that allow longer articles like this to be consumed more comfortably.’s goal is to be a resource for those sort of articles.

Just interested to hear what everyone thinks of the idea? I hope it works, as my reason for building is that I wish a site existed like this.

For it to be successful it’s going to require some active users. If you like the idea and would like to help it’d be great if you could add the bookmarklet and submit articles you think fellow designers would enjoy reading as you browse the web.

Any thoughts, ideas, criticisms, features you’d like to see would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice idea, great initiative. I will try to remember to submit.

Can you please make links open in a new tab? I’ve clicked on 3 now and closed down all of them thinking I would be back at the list. If I did still have your site open, I would spend more time there and be less annoyed.

Thanks Engio, good call, I’ll get on this.