Designing Retail Press Kits - Design/Unique Advice?

Hey guys/gals,

For all you product designers/entrepreneurs - I am looking to get my product into retails stores. As such, my plan is to create a press kit that essentially outlines who I am as a company, and why our product differs, etc. (no different than any other company trying to pitch their product through a media/press kit). However, my question for you are these:

  1. does anyone know where I can see examples of creatively designed media/press kits (i,e. blogs, websites, portfolios, etc.)?
  2. what would work well to help a press kit stand out? (I am sure most retailers receive black and white, boring pieces of paper)
  3. does anyone have any experience in such matter? What works well? What doesn’t?


My team makes these all of the time, and often I go on the retail pitches. I can’t really show you examples, but I can tell you what works best for me:

  1. lifestyle images, full bleed (show it in use)
  2. technical images
  3. as few words as possible, keep it to the point. Focus on the three things you want them to remember (they won’t remember more than that)
  4. make MAP, availability, MOQs, and margin very clear

Hey yo,
Thanks for the info. I will definitely take it to the drawing board.
What is MAP? And can I ask what you mean when you refer to to lifestyle images as full bleed (show in use)?


MAP = Minimum Advertised Price (it is the new MSRP)

Full bleed = image does all the way to the edges (very large image)

Lifestyle image = product in its natural setting

more press kit than retail kit, but check out

She is always getting really creative kits from brands and companies with cool packaging, unique details, great graphics etc. to pitch a product. Good for inspiration.

Depending on your product though and location as well as retail target, you might want to forgo a physical kit and do digital. A lot of typical press kits these days are going this way.

Ultimately your product should sell itself, you just need to provide the story and background info to allow it do so. If it’s a good fit for a particular retailer and that retailer knows their customers, it should be pretty obvious to the retailer and you won’t need to do an over the top kit.

What kind of product and retail are we talking about? Will be a much different approach selling in to retail a unique designer chair compared to a cheaper toilet bowl brush or a handwoven breadbasket.


Hey Richard,

In response to your question, we are small high quality men’s shaving soap company (used in traditional wet shaving). We are looking to get our shaving soaps into retail locations across North America. Going digital may be something to very well look into. The only reason I had thought about going more physical is because I think it leaves a more lasting impact, not to mention how serious we are. One of the retailers we provide to now told us they get so many amatuer press/retail kits. As such, we wanted to go above and beyond, which I do agree can be done with digital.