Designing for yourself

I was wondering how many iterations you might go through on a design that is 100% for yourself?

We’ve all had it drilled into us that iteration and exploration is necessary for our clients/bosses. But what about when those constraints aren’t there?

I tend to find that I have a pretty strong vision in my head for myself before pen touches paper and I don’t do much iterative exploration.

just a design or something your going to build?

Either…but I was thinking more along the lines of something you’re going to build.

Oh a few, not as many as for a client as I will “make it up as I go”…Lets say your building something and your just boxed in, time for a bit of on the fly redesign…after all you have commited time and materials so no reason not to get something. Thats why I so advocate, mockups, mules, protos, they tell you sooooooooo much more than some sexy puter rendering such as 'THAT WONT FIT/HOLD/FORM"…ya know them pesky old reality checks.

If you design for yourself it is art, not design, mho.

When I make art, I typically only make the first version that pops in my head. Although, like zippy, I’ll re-work my idea on the fly as I discover problems. Such as on the desk I posted a few months ago.

Having said this…it’s better to think out a problem thoroughly on paper. On my desk project I didn’t consider the actual wall anchors until the day I was done with the desk. Had I considered it earlier, the desk would have been much better off.

Not if you plan on mass producing it for people like you… not even that, interior design is all one off for the most part, you can do that for yourself and it is design.

When I’m doing something for myself, furniture, interior, landscape, I tend to take longer noodling it, but I also tend to dig in and start messing around faster, if you know what I mean. I tend to follow a similar process of gathering images of other types of things I love and are important to me, and figuring out how this thing fits into that set of things.

for yourself before the buyers get to piss on it? or for yourself to mount on a wall or for a portfolio rendering?

For yourself when you don’t have to answer to someone else. Doesn’t matter the end purpose. You’re the boss, no committee, no Marketing, no other egos. Just you designing something. A kitchen. A hot rendering. Anything.

I find it interesting that people find it important to draw lines as what is and is not art . . . design.
If you make something and give the plans for free after making one prototype as you did Mr-914, how is that not design. The finished product is a desk with a distinct function. I think your making more of a distinction about design being about business.

When I’m building something for myself I value hands on exploration it can get you thinking about directions that drawing did not. On the fly redesign gets the juices flowing, Zippy I get it!

Actually, I’m a lot easier on myself, probably that’s why none of my personal projects get anywhere!

Personally, I will need to set up a dateline, and then things start to happen. I find also I have to compromise a lot more as resources on personal projects are not as much as my work projects. So sometimes I have no choice but to let go.

art sells for lots more than design…well some art does.

My father was an excellent artist. Back in the '80s and '90s he made almost as much from art as his daily design job. I recently saw one his pieces on ebay for $10 or something.

Yeah…very little art sells for more than design.

I like to stare at the wall and tie my hair in knots while I reform something in my head until I’m about 90% sure of what I want. Then I go straight to CAD. Sometimes I’ll do a quick sketch to work out a problem, but I cant stand doing a zillion sketches of the same thing. I find for me personally its a waste of time because 9 times out of 10 I end up using my original idea. (plus my sketching kind of sucks. I’m jealous of people who can do it well) :smiling_imp:

i doubt i could do it 100% for me. i’d never finish it.