"Designing For the Decade Ahead" Master's in Design in KC

University of Kansas Master’s in Design Open House 2015
University of Kansas Department of Design
Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (CDT)
Overland Park, KS

What accounts for all the attention design is getting recently? What separates graduate design study at KU from the many design programs out there? Is design’s new prominence just the latest business fad to come along, or is there something bigger going on here?
The pace and complexity of today’s world makes for a host of big system problems. Whole industries are being transformed by the forces of technology, global economics and culture. Such problems won’t be solved by the same thinking and practices that created them in the first place. Designers are being sought out as key players, not merely to fashion attractive products or media, but to take on tough public and private sector challenges, to produce meaningful innovations and superb user experiences. Areas of application are many, ranging from health and human services to distance learning and collaborative work systems, smart transportation, sustainable energy and economic development programs. This is anything but UX-lite.
For the prepared designer these are good times. But with such opportunities come new responsibilities. One of which is constant, substantial new learning. Not just occasional reading or the conventional degree program, but truly higher education, advanced training. The KU Master’s programs in Interaction Design and Design Management were founded in 2008 to deliver such disruptive professional learning: strong research, powerful design methods and practice skills, broad strategic design frameworks. All delivered by faculty with extensive training and professional experience.
Come learn about KU’s Design Master’s programs. Meet a few of our faculty and current students, and hear what a couple of our excellent graduates have to say in short talks on “Designing For The Decade Ahead”. They are:
• Amanda Woods (MA Interaction Design 2012), User Experience Specialist at Level Five Solutions.
• Buck Wimberly (MA Design Management, 2012), Creative Brand & Essencing Strategist atHallmark Cards

RSVP: mde@ku.edu