Designing for Longevity

Types of items usually have an average lifespan. They wear, break down and go out of style at different rates. What about stand-out items that last conspicuously longer than their alternatives? I know someone who still regularly wears a sweater her mother made for her about 40 years ago. It is well made and well cared for.

What experiences like this do people here have with items they use or own? What specifics in design or usage do you feel confer this sort of extreme longevity? What items do you have that you expect to be using for an indefinite period of time?

hopefully this gets the point across.

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An 8" and a 14", both about 25 years old… also a Cantonese steel wok. The more you use them, the better they get. Please don’t scrub us out in the sink!

The last time my parents bought a toaster was like 20 years ago, do you think when anyone buys a toaster that they think “I’m going to be toasting English Muffins in this thing for over 20 years, I will have kids, they will go to college, and move out of the house before I ever buy another toaster, maybe I should take more than 15 minutes to pick it out”?

If they did, and they amortized the cost of that toaster over those 20+ years do you think they would spend more than $20 on average?

But to answer the question, the classic Weber defines age too, the only grill you really need to buy ever: