designing for alzheimer's

Are there any specific products out there that help improve the lives of people with Alzheimer’s Disease? There will be an increase in the amount of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s due to the aging baby boomer population, and I am assuming people would want to live in their homes as long as possible before being admitted into nursing facilities. Maybe something along the lines of hygiene, wayfinding, and the performance of other daily activities?

Noble cause… but an almost impossible one?
Have you seen Memento (the movie)? Because that is what you are up against.
These people forget everything even the fact that they need to eat.
I would start interviewing people who work/live with alzheimer patients. There’s always a solution for a problem.

Good luck! You’ll need it :wink:


as stated (and as with most medical assistive design), talking to people with first hand experience (the patient and/or their family) would give you the most critical feedback and idea on product direction. I’d focus on one specific thing, like medication management or ??, instead of a product to assist with everything for their daily life. Good luck

thanks for the responses.

Speaking of “Memento”, I wonder if you could design a bit of a “Cheat sheet” for them when they forget. I don’t have experience with this population, I think the first step would be to interview some people that suffer from the condition as well as talk to their primary care givers, friend, and family.