Designing Electronics

What are the 3 main things (a must) an electrodomestic designer should know? In order to be successful at designing an electronic concept.

electrodomestic designer

What the hell is an Electrodomestic Designer?

Electrodomestico; that would be home appliances (kitchen devices, vacuum cleaners, etc.) to us Anglo types.

At least that’s what I got when I googled it…


I’d argue that to ‘design’ an electronic concept you’d need a degree in electrical engineering (or at least a high degree of understanding of the subject). I make a distinction between electriCAL, and elecTRONIC. Electronic design isn’t really the function of an industrial designer; IMO.

An understanding of materials, and manufacturing processes is a must.

And an identification a problem, and the user.

I’m guessing spanish or portuguese may be 40water’s mother tongue.

Eletrodomestico is the spanish/portuguese word for home appliance or consnumer electronics depening on the context.

I wasn’t intending to sound rude…I simply have/had no idea what an electrodomestic designer is…never heard the term.

Probably didn’t have my coffee yet when I first responded to this thread.

“Home Appliance”

الاجهزه المنزلية (Arabic)
appareil ménager (French)
Haushaltsgerät (German)
elettrodomestico (Italian)
aparato electrodoméstico (Spanish)
dispositivo home (Portuguese)
техники (Russian)

“Home Appliance Designer”

المنزل جهاز مصمم
concepteur d’appareil ménager
Haushaltsgerätentwerfer (longest single word in the group (ya gotta love German)) :wink:
progettista dell’elettrodomestico
diseñador del aparato electrodoméstico
desenhador do dispositivo home
Устройство дома Дизайнеры

you mean electronics or appliances?

Electronics or appliances, I find that designers who deal with such products are often too tech oriented and lack the ability to translate cultural needs to their designs.

Once I was having a chat with a designer who designs stove tops. He was very fond of induction technology, saying that it is safe, efficient, precise and powerful(only the matter of time). Then he felt very strange about why the induction stove isn’t popular since it’s such a mighty technology, that the Chinese only have mini induction stoves for warming but not cooking.

He, however, never considered the needs of Chinese cuisine, including what it takes to prepare Chinese dish, the cooking habits, environment, the kind of cookware, the eating habits and the availability of local tech support. All he needs to do is to pay a visit to the local Chinese takeout restaurant kitchen and he will get it.

Designers in general should have the quality to pick out true cultural needs and then use available tools(technology or not) to satisfy it and not the other way around.

That is a generalization my friend. But I agree with the last paragraph. The best thing I can say, is that there is no such thing as the main 3 things that you ask for. But the more you know about design, an other related fields, the better you’ll be as a designer.

AS molestedcow says, if you are able to address key factors for the project to be successful (things that other designers don’t see)… then you are in the right path as a professional.

What may have happend there was the client said “look we are tooled up for induction stove tops, give us a rocket ship good seller” and a great desiger would say “ok, what market geographicl and enconoicaly are we shooting for”. If the client said “heck lets go for china, big market china” then your desiger could start thinking about induction cooktops that were configured for wok’s etc.

He was a designer of a major appliance brand that does its own manufacturing. Although he wasn’t a marketing folk, as a designer he should be considering cultural needs before technological advantages.

The “client” is the consumer.

My point is, he was questioning why a culture doesn’t accept a technology that he felt was superior to anything else.

Then didnt understand the cluture he was selling to well enough, and cooking is higly cultural…(well mom taught me to do it this way, and by ghod my kids are too)