designing an industrial style computer case

I have to design computer case to look industrial as in not home or office… but for use out in the field mounted on the tractor and must have industrial type connectors … where could you get industrial type connectors??? Any experience in this field or advice would be appreciated…Problems with grounding etc???

been a long while since i’ve done industrial pc’s. have you checked tech specs for current products?

I don’t know what your budget looks like, but typically these things are speced from companies like:

Veam: makes military grade bayonet connectors and others
Cannon ITC: more of the same

These are both REALLY expensive brands, but worth the money.

A catalog/clearinghouse type company of all things industrial is

Newark =
Allied Electronics
MSC - these guys are more industrial supplies like materials and shop carts, but the catalogs are 5" thick… so there’s a lot of choices.

These guys have everything from cable ties to dsub 9 connectors to capacators and resistors… etc.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help more.

Try the military, fool…

Try GlobalSpec.