designing a designer's needed!

we have this university project about designing a workstation to be used by designers and architects. We need to divide the items on a designer’s/architect’s desk into primary and secondary depending on the frequency of use.meaning… is drawing on paper a primary function ,or you only use your pc ,so that makes drawing on paper secondary?
here’s a list of the items and tasks we think are basically on every designer’s desk and we would like you to divide them to primary and secondary based on your needs and working preferences.if you think you can add an item or two we haven’t thought about ,you’re welcome:)
printer ,scanner(fax?)
drawing surface for paper (and how much is that)
drawing equipment (pens,pencils,rulers etc.)
information space (books,notes and information for running project,etc.)
personal space ( phone,personal stuff)
storage space (in or around the desk ,not meaning bookcases and cabinets)

thank you!

On my desk at home is:

2 19" TFT monitors
A5 Wacom
A3 drawing pad
wireless mini keyboard
Bic Biro, c1, c3, c5 c7 grey markers

Under my desk by my feet is:

" Drawing tool box " (actually a fishermans box) about a4 size, which has pastels, pencils, etc…

I keep my desk very tidy for the precise reason of wanting to have plenty of room to spin the pad round.

Desk at work i have:

Large CRT monitor
A3 pad
Stand up a4 folder holder
4 project a4 binder folders.
Pencil case containing markers
pencil case containing pens pencils.

These links could be helpful. There is a lot of information but I’m sure you could find some documents on workspace zoning and general case studies on how people work and interact with their environment.

good grief. scenario build much?

i have faith my job secuirty is intact.


I eat off my desk quite allot. oops on my desk.

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I think storage is a pretty key issue, as designers, we tend to build up a lot of stuff… prototypes, competitive samples… the ability to selectively display things you want, and hide all the junk is key. I have 3 oversize file cabinets for samples, and a 10x10 shelving system.

Height adjustability is often over looked. I have 2 desks (one for my laptop, cintiq, scanner, phone, speakers…) the other for drawing/reviewing with marketing and development. Both adjust height easily and I love that.

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I agree with the storage. I work in a corprate company so I have a typical cuble with 3 sides and a rap around desk. on that I have:

A laptop
cutting mat for making pkg samples
large format scanner
2 19" monitors
Pack samples
Picture of my wife
cup full of pens
a few project folders
pencil sharpener
a Power strip to pug in my laptop an harddrive (This is so I do not have to climb under my desk evertime. I take my laptop home often.)

Under my dsk:

Desktop PC

2 other small PCs set up for a render farm

Book shelf behind me with variuos referance books
printer on book shelf.

A lot of good stuff on here.

One thing that my space lacks is a sufficient area for impromptu meetings at your desk. If you need to quickly review a concept, where does your guest sit? Some stations have simply a chair or a filing cabinet with a pad on top. With a limited amount of space I think you could come up with some ingenious ways to support brief meetings.