designing a designer's needed!

we have this university project about designing a workstation to be used by designers and architects. We need to divide the items on a designer’s/architect’s desk into primary and secondary depending on the frequency of use.meaning… is drawing on paper a primary function ,or you only use your pc ,so that makes drawing on paper secondary?
here’s a list of the items and tasks we think are basically on every designer’s desk and we would like you to divide them to primary and secondary based on your needs and working preferences.if you think you can add an item or two we haven’t thought about ,you’re welcome:)
printer ,scanner(fax?)
drawing surface for paper (and how much is that)
drawing equipment (pens,pencils,rulers etc.)
information space (books,notes and information for running project,etc.)
personal space ( phone,personal stuff)
storage space (in or around the desk ,not meaning bookcases and cabinets)

thank you!