Designing 3D Surface Textures

Hi team,
How do you model 3D surface textures like this?

Interested to know what software is recommended.

Creo, definitely

Great how someone just decides to model it from scratch.
In Solidworks this is well possible too, but it is simply a lot of manual craft of creating projected curves then lofting the dimpled profiles.
Worth the effort though.
I wonder if Creo has a different workflow?

Workflow explaination! amazing!

1,Creat a handle with smooth surface.
2,Use the handle center trail to sweep (or loft) a group of radiate surface,meanwhile use math relations to make sweep rotate according the center trail.
3, Make the sweep surface and handle surface intercorss together and find the intersected curves.
4, Use the curves to create texture surface.
5, Manual close the texture of the end.
6, Cut the handle by the entire of texture surface, then you can get it!

Super impressed. I was trying to figure out if this was something done with Grasshopper or something similar.

If you have any screen shots of how you did “Step 2” I’d be curious to see how you set up the relationship to get both the flow and the rotation so dynamic.

hello there, here I put some screen shots, hope they could help

actually, step 3 and 5 should be combine

nicely done!

Thats awesome! Thanks for the details. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the old “trajpar” thrown out there. Man I feel old. :slight_smile:

lol, this function is very useful, but a little hard to understand. I tried many times to model it, and easy to fail.

Nice! I need to try that in CATIA