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Hey guys, I just wanted to start thread of my sketches in a central location.

Visit my blog for my past work/sketches (look to the right column for direct links):

Here is my most recent bunch of sketches. I am planning on uploaded a strip of sketches like this every weekend.

Great stuff andrew. Love that “Ridiculously Large” truck. I’d love to see some super soft form and some indication of materials? Wood? Stainless steel?

Thanks Yo! I actually have like 30 pages of materials that I did for Visual Communications. I might post them too but I’ll definitely show more materials in my next round of sketches.

good sketches… Andrew
Tweak little bit more on the perspective…
so that all the objects (car, truck, products) will have their own scale.

Great work - as always. Nice to see your progress.

You do deserve your own tread :wink: Great sketches and keep up the good work.

good . but i think you can do better.

Is that intended to be constructive? I think you can do better with your post.

Thanks guys.

ADD, I have been thinking the same thing. I’m experimenting with my perspective as I post this.

feilongtia, I agree but I think you should work on your wording. The comments you have made on other threads are of similar tone and I don’t think it’s of much help.

Very nice, very nice.

My regular date for uploading has been delayed because of my recent coke bottle project but here are more sketches nevertheless:

BTW, here are some of the sketches done for the coke bottle design:

The design:

fabulous :open_mouth:

Excellent work! In an effort to help you gain the most possible, I was really searching hard to nitpick. I noticed that some of your text can slightly go off axis or ‘bounce’ a little, so you may want to try adding guidelines to the top/bottom of your text area. To me, it seems to anchor the text somewhat on the page as well.

I think the foot drawings are your most successful to date. As stated, these are very good!

So, now that you are really advancing, I’m going to be a little hard on you… the sketches are coming along really nicely, but the designs feel a little predictable, a little bit like what is out already. Tall order for your school level, but since your skills are advanced, try to push through to some more unexpected solutions.

Also, that little Samsung thing? Is that a house vacuum robot like the Rumba? One thing I always thought about those things is why would I want this little consumer electronic thing roaming around my house, I think it would be way cooler if it was made out of birch veneer and aluminum, and was a basic form like a cube, or a cylinder with really nice detailing. No need for it to look “fast”.

I so love you :wink:

Thanks again everyone. @joyride, I’m starting to do that now - thanks for the tip! And @yo, thanks for motivating and being such a good mentor. Working on this week’s sketches as we speak. :wink:

More sketches. These weekly sketches are slowly starting to become harder to do as my finals have come. Nevertheless, here they are. Thanks.

PS: This whole cheaping out and taking photos of my sketches is starting to become harder. I’ll see if I can proper scans once school is over.

Thanks for running with the cylinder suggestion. Think about those task chairs more, check out the latest stuff from Herman Miller, and the classic task chairs like the Eames Aluminum series task chairs. There is a certail level of restraint that this type of product needs to make it classy. When task chars get too busy, or too “product designy” they can look really cheap. Keep working on projects that expand your range. Your natural style lends itself well to Consumer Electronics, but push out of your comfort zone for form.

I’m a sucker for exploded views!
Love it!

Isn’t there some unspoken rule about “no life drawings”? Meaning, no old-woman model B00B$.

I like the more cartoony style though, esp the musicians one.