designers working in italy?

i want to know from italian and non-italian designers working in italy what their work experience is, how difficult it is to find jobs, if milan is really the center of italian design, what the compensation is compared to the us, and so on, but it seems that there are no online discussion boards. can anyone give me some answers? thanks!

Depending on the amount of experience you have, you will probably have to do a ‘stage’. This is like an internship, with little or NO pay and is the standad way studios in Milan work with new staff. As you can imagine there are tons of young international designers trying to find work in Milan, and so the studios can get away with this way of operating (did anyone mention explotation!). You need to be prepred for living in Milan with little or no income for at least 6 months… this is tough as Milan is one of the most expensive cities in Italy. Finaly, the language, although most studios have staff from around the world, the language used in most studios is Italian, so you need to have a good grasp on it before you go.
Ok, so that’s alot of negative stuff, if you go, you’ll have a great time, Milan has a real sense of a design community and you will meet many people from all over.

thank you for your post!
what do you think that the job opportunities are in other areas of italy? i imagine that rome, florence, or turin may be other “good” areas for designers: what do you think? do you know if italian design firms have a website similar to coroflot, do they hire through headhunters, or they don’t need to do any of this because they simply receive a ton of portfolios?

If you would like I can give you an e-mail of a young Italian designer working in Italy…he might know better. He used to work for FIAT in Torino…and now he’s doing toys with Faro (I’m not quite sure where Faro’s located)

Milan really is the best city in Italy for design work, nearly all the manufacturing in Italy is done in the north, so that means Milan and to a lesser extent Turino are where the jobs are.
From my experience business and job introductions are really done much more in a personal network level, and so their are not many sites like this. Designboom, which I think is based in Milan is similar to Core77, but nowhere near as exstensive.