Designer's websites

Thought it might be cool to start a reference list of designer’s websites,
Here’s a few to kick it off:

Check this website out…

Its one of my favourites…



A cuple more:

Hello dudes,

Just wanted to let you know about a cool web site.

Design Celebrity

Its a Virtual Library for Design and Archtiecture, where you can find inpirational designs as well as portfolios of famous and well know interrior designers and architects.

All professionals can submit there work to be listed on the web site… You can also visit Design Celebrity Blog at

I hope you will find the site useful…



Yves Behar / Fuse Project

Branko Lukic

Mike and Maaike

Some more:

Scott Wilson:

Sam Hetch:

Hannes Wettstein

What about companies?:

I love this site, cant wait for the book

Charles Godbout from Canada

Came across this guy tonight…I love, love, love concept art.

Wish I had those skillz.

Just want to add a very queer eye for design. Literally greener products, he uses native products from the Philippines, his designs manufactured by hand with high recognition in details.

He is an ID graduate.

So for those who still make a stand that Ind. Design is for machine produced products alone, think again. You may get eco-friendly ideas from this designer bec. I did. Thanks. [/quote]

C’mon, now. His stuff may be “eco-friendly” but it is still “machined”. It is designed for mass production. Some fantastic work in there, but it is still intended for the masses, he is not an artisan creating one off “design”.

If you want to see some beautiful one off pieces, look at this guy:

Here are some more…

Smart Design

Triple Five


I am about to enter the world of the web, currently deciding on a domain name.

i wanted my, but it is already taken. i can get it with a hyphen in it, or have firstnamelastnamedesign or firstnamelastnamecreative, but not too sure which i should go for, or if i should choose something else entirely…

Which is more memorable to potential employers? Godaddy also suggested to buy the .net etc domains, is this worth doing?

I am australian, so thinking about the, but i will possibly be working overseas, and don’t want this to put people off…

Any suggestions would be great.

This guys does some interesting stuff…