Designer's website needs criticism

This is a website of web designer, that is me :slight_smile:
I really need some feedback on design of it. I know I should know better what is wrong with it and what is right–I’m a web designer after all, but designing for yourself… You just feel sometimes like a shoemaker without shoes, especially when you try to make something different.

Thank you.

I think you should look at other websites. How long have you been a web designer?

I’ve been a web designer for two years. Well, I know how other web sites look, but I wanted to make it a different one–not looking like an example of print design. I feel that this was my mistake.

Personally I think it lacks in all areas, and reminds me of every other website put up as a Junior Highschool computer class project. You say you wanted it to look different than printed media…yet it looks exactly like the boring and lame templates contained in any desktop publishing application, or cookie cutter template on the web page builders such as geocities, homebuilder, and numerous other “FREE” website design apps.

The textual descriptions are boring and drive viewers away. If this is a site aimed at recruiting prospective clients…were are the teasers, and samples of past work. Not the lame 3d models that are simply slight modifications of 3d files you can find at any of a number of “file farms” such as 3d Café, the lame attempt at product styling, or the amature looking graphic design.

I would suggest starting over from scratch… and this time “design the site” don’t just slap something together.

I didn’t want to go there but I agree. Nicely put Designer. This does not look like the work of someone with formal training or full use of creative expression. This are very mediocre work.

Thank you for criticism. I understand what you mean Designer, yet I don’t agree on what you say about 3d images themselves.