Designers Touching their Faces

I have this guy looking over my shoulder at work, most often very disappointed and disapproving of my work. His ten ‘principles’ are affixed just below. :bulb:

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Slippy, maybe he is frowning because you have a pair of stereo speakers only 4 inches from each other negating all of the stereo effects. :slight_smile:

D’oh! busted.

They are better bookends than speakers, Sony SRS-77G models with thick plastic and big drivers, made in the late 80’s.

well, I won’t argue that they are better bookends than speakers :wink:

Just thought I’d bump this for the fun of it :slight_smile:

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Goddammit. This thread is missing a couple of obvious ones. Putting out a bounty for:
Musk (he’d call himself a designer)
Ivy Ross, Matias Duarte, or anyone else with the title “Google Design Leader”

I couldn’t find any of Dyson touching his face, but these might be worse…


That is super funny. Me and a couple of sometime-design-collaborators have a “strategy” employed when we run out of ideas, called “put a hole in it”.

They’re out there somewhere…


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That AF1 707 photo is friggin sweet.

There are some great quotes from him about doing a collaborative design session with JFK on that…

Nice bump.

Ora Ito is another hand-to-face king.



Musk is not a designer but does put his hand to his face…

Yves Behar does a good job avoiding the pose! This is the closest he got :slight_smile:

Ralph with the motherload! Well done.

This thread needs a bump…

Yes it did. Thank you for reminding us. There’s a whole new generation of face-touchers I’m sure. More verboten now with viruses and whatnot. Keep it up folx.

Ross Lovegrove

Zaha Hadid