Designers Touching their Faces

Dammit! I was in R. Loewy’s exact pose when I clicked on this thread. Now I’m self-conscious…

This is the pose I’m normally in:

The look of contemplation, “I am still figuring it out, not done yet”. Not a CEO look. The look of someone that not commanding authority or expecting people to follow him. Communicating, “I am lost, but finding the way”.

Or maybe, “I know I forgot something, now what was it…”

The inner communication “I am such a deep thinker, striking this pose will let the world know.”

…and another from JONATHAN IVE AND MARC NEWSON thread:

In the Newson/Ive context, confidence and affectation for the purpose of subtle comedy.

Milton Glaser

Doing nothing but spreading germs I tell you!

This pink nightmare owns the “designers touch faces” meme. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Interesting. I’ve always noticed I touch my face a lot, especially when thinking/contemplating/figuring out/et al. Even more so after I grew a beard a few months ago. Is this a psychological ‘thing’?

(I was also doing a Loewy when i stumbled in here)

Hahaha this is the best Tumblr ever Haha. I will share it

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First time I’ve heard that term before, I can’t think of a more fitting name for him.

One of the older engineers here at work was giving me feedback on a project that I’m leading, first thing he said is “get your hand off your face!”, the only problem is, how else am I supposed to look like I’m actually thinking about what some guy who’s derailing my meeting is saying?!

Kreem Rash

Lol. Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who really made this meme big in the context of design?
I like the subtle self-mockery in Newson+Ives :slight_smile:

Ross Lovegrove always does a good job at this too ‘I am the visionary, I will pave the way for the grand future’.
Sure it’s all related to psychology. It’s real hard to get out of a designer’s ego sometimes :slight_smile: And I also know that it’s most often the right hand that is raised for such poses, it’s related to confidence/power. The left hand is the hand that shy people use to cover their faces with. The hand of insecurity, submissiveness.

“intuition (n.)
mid-15c., from Late Latin intuitionem (nominative intuitio) “a looking at, consideration,” noun of action from past participle stem of Latin intueri “look at, consider,” from in- “at, on” (see in- (2)) + tueri “to look at, watch over” (see tuition).”

Intuition is “looking deeply at” something. Sometimes your neck gets tired. I do the Loewy a lot leaning over my Cintiq. =)

Love this thread

only Bertoia

Nelson in action



Chadwick - Yes
Stumpf - No







This cracked me up.

From the graphic side, I thought Sagmeister was going to break the trend, but then:

Jan Van Toorn touches his face a lot:

More interaction, but Jon Kolko:

There if everyone contributes 3, we can have a coffee table book.

going through some market research I found this one of Stark:

and this one too: