Designer's salary in China (from coroflot)

:astonished: I was surprised when I saw this message. I work in China,but I dont agree with it
as far as I know, all the design field’s salary is lower than other fields,especially for industrial design and graphic design…

Maybe this data is gotten from the China’s designers in coroflot.
what i want to say is that these designers in coroflot dont represent all China’s designer. as few China’s designer come here.core77 and coroflot…apart from serveral designer whose English is not bad. these China designers’ salary in coroflot is also far higher than others…

you know in China…mobile phone has a name"copy phone" , It means that a phone comes from deserted area…ha.

so til now , Design have no status in China :angry:

welcome to make your comments, thanks


Realize that this information is based on people entering their salary information. In China, most of the people who entered their information would be expats, so the salaries would be high. It would be great to get some of the native Chinese to enter this survey. I agree you would see a great shift in the numbers.

It is not simply that design is not respected in China. Business in general is running about 20 years behind on practices seen in other areas. But this is China so 20 years can be made up for in 4 years.