Designers on "The Apprentice"

pretty cool. they showed product development. a toy. well, a really small piece of it. most interesting was seeing an old acquaintance. if any Mattel people on the board, tell Tregs he was noticed (and looking as laid back as ever). he done good.

okay. didnt watch show last year. but have watched first two episodes this season. HIGHLY recommend designers watch this. last night was imo excellent example of how too much time in design can affect back end of development. couldnt believe they were still picking type of ice cream right up to deadline (no apparent thought of cost or marketing or sales strategy before that - other than textbook handwaving).

dont watch much tv, but i’m hooked. watch this show.

Yeah I totally agree. Great show for picking up the pitfalls of poor decision making process under fire and how interpersonal conflict and ego can make or break a project.

I also dont watch much tv, even though last yr ent out and bought a really nice one…well wht ever, but what channel is it on, and what time and day???

I know we are going to have different numbers for channels but is is nbc, cbs, fox…

Last night it was on after Will and Grace on NBC. I heard that there’s gonna be a nice little project with Cincinnati’s P&G this season.

think its NBC. use Yahoo TV. probably re-run this weekend.

interesting show on promotion. 20k for a half hour??? no wonder i prefer college sports. the $1M prize scheme was interesting. too bad the team didnt have time to pursue that. i was learning something there. didnt even know that was legal!