Designer's Motto

In times of negativity about our course of life as civilizations in one planet (to put it broadly;)… to be someone who just thinks all day about what to add to the cacophony of creation is a bit of a curse. On a more positive sentiment it’s a time for opportunity to organize our goals as caring and responsible contributors.

I work hard on the quality and the meaning of all product as a service to those around me and the market as a pool of diversity, hoping that it will contribute in some way to the evolution of the objects around us, protecting us and making our lives fuller and harmonious to our environments.

All objects are crafted - by nature or mind - to fit in place; the scale of the market elevates the importance of the quality and success.

A creator just lives in the flow, seldom rushing and never stopping. Finding the questions and elaborating on answers is a balancing act of four-dimensional ideas.

I’d enjoy a discussion (doesn’t have to be in these broad terms) about what we do and how we justify our methods and current line of work.


That is disturbing!!

design-“achieving an imaginary future in which we will dwell more simply in nature.”

design-the obscene desire to “achieve an imaginary future in which we will dwell more simply in nature.”

“Design should first do no evil to its end user, it should also be applied to all aspects of its construction, assembly and end of life cycle.”

Should design be less focused on single products and move towards a user, services, and systems based profession? It seems like it will: e. car designers cant design without thinking about the big issues of energy consumption and over congestion anymore.

Everyone has to think in life cycles, certifications on where resources come from, and longevity of a product.

Consumerism will dip in the next years, this probably means the only products that will sell well are essentials. Services such as tailoring and repairs will probably gain strength as people opt to fix instead of scrap and buy new.

I personally welcome a tightening of they way we make and take care of our objects, as well as services that remove ownership of products that are not needed at hand 24/7.