designers make kickass charity mag

Neville Brody, Emigré and Eboy are just three of the design icons to back Building Letters, a charity project which hopes to raise lots of cash for poor kids in Africa and India.

Building Letters is the annual publication devoted to graphic and typographic design. Not only does it give you great articles, free fonts and fantastic posters, but it is also raising money to help kids in Africa and India.

This issue of the magazine features an essay by Neville Brody entitled ‘what next?’, and an interview with one of the world’s leading type designers, John Downer. Articles include ‘India the Brand’, a pictorial tour of Tibetian scripts, adventures with Indian sign painters and a visit to one of India’s best known design agencies, Ray + Keshavan Design. We also look at where the funds raised so far have gone, and what impact they have had.

The magazine comes with two posters, by Eboy and Emigre, and a disk containing over 30 fonts donated by top designers (not your normal freeware rubbish).

The money raised from this issue will go to fund building projects in India and to give orphans in Uganda a lifeline to the outside world. You can find more information on Building Letters magazine and the charity work it supports on our website. Building Letters is available to buy online at