Designers - Listen up!

Hi people,

I am currently on my placement year from Brunel University and I am just coming to the end of an 8 month contract with a design team and I am interested in getting some more work experience in the design industry before returning to university in september.

If you know of design companies/teams (based in london or the surrounding area) that take on work experience students or if you have had work experience with a design company and would like to recommend the company please dont hesitate to tell me.

Alternatively if the company you work for are interested in taking on a work experience student then please contact me.

Even if you all you know are some names of good design teams in london please let me know of them.

Any helpful comments in this area are much appreciated.

Thank you

It doesnt hurt I suppose, but the post is not liable to get you too much. Start calling people up. Send mailers. Look through core77, IDSA and ICSID lists and the ID magazine directory.

thats really useful. Even directries like the ones you have listed will be a lot of help.