Designers gone wild?

toyota’s new concept, named “i-unit”

You wear the car. The leaf-shaped cabin will change angle to lower the CG as the “car” moves faster. The computer driving system allows it to run on “specialized” roads.

BTW this was translated from another source.

Here’s the offical article from Toyota:

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The “i-unit” is a form of “personal mobility” that seeks to attain a greater balance of meeting individuals’ wishes to enjoy freedom of movement, harmony with society, and harmony with the Earth’s natural environment.

“Expanding Human Abilities”
This union of driver and vehicle is intended to expand human abilities and possibilities.

“Inspire the Individual”
Making a better world with mobility leading the way to a greater bond between people and the planet.
Movement expands our world by creating possibilities and encounters among nature, society, people and culture. Movement brings us new sensations, discoveries and acquaintances, enabling individuals to lead fuller lives and cultivating a sense of belonging with the planet.

Design Theme
“The Leaf”
The design, inspired by the leaf that converts sunlight into life energy, seeks to express the power of the unknown, the logic of living things and the simple beauty of waste-free functionality.

Upright Position in Low-Speed Mode
Reclined Position in High-Speed Mode

Main Features

Mobility with an Ultra Compact Size
The “i-unit” creates a seamless transformation between vehicle and human movement, minimizing occupied space and energy consumption with its lightweight and ultra compact size.
Variable Positioning
The i-unit has a compact size enabling the passenger to move among other people in an upright position in low speed mode, and a low center of gravity that ensures stable handling when the vehicles reclines in high speed mode.
Ease of Operation
Drive Controller
Drive-by-wire technology and intuitive handling enable the passenger to maneuver on-the-spot turns and drive at high speed at will.
IT Controller
A driver support information system uses sound, light and vibration to facilitate interactive communication.
Driver Support System
The driver support system features Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology, which Toyota hopes to utilize for an accident-free society. The system permits efficient and safe autopilot driving in specially equipped lanes.
A personalized recognition system can provide information and music, and body color can be customized, according to the individual’s preferences and emotions.
Environmentally Friendly Body Materials
The body is built using environmentally friendly plant-based materials such as kenaf.

Holy crap, is this some kind of anime overdoze or something?

It actually comes in a family! This is probably the closest thing to Gundam’s “mobile suit” concept.

There are multiple things there, aren’t there. I think that the little pod thing (2, 3, 4 pic) is OK, but the glass anime thing (pic 1, 5, 6) is downright awful. Oh, I’d definitely love to drive above 30km/h in an open-cockpit space-age easy chair.

Also, why do so many corporations assume that people will be wearing metallic spandex in the future? Do people like it today? No. And those rings on the shoulders…Reminds me of a great conversation from some futurama episode.

Amy: Oh wow, it’s totally retro!
Fry: Why is everyone wearing those rings?
Amy: Guh! Because nobody wears 'em anymore. Rings are stupid.
Fry: I think they look cool.
Amy: Shhh, don’t let anyone hear you say that.
Guy: Hey, did that lot say rings are cool?
Amy: Nope. He said they’re stupid.
Guy: Cool!

When me and the family go out, can we link up like this?

That’s what I’m waiting for.

hey! just add six handles for the palbearers and you can be buried in it…