Designers/firms at Outdoor Retailer show this week?

Not sure how many of us attend this particular show, but thought I’d put out a feeler.

While I’d welcome the opportunity to get together and have a social drink or so with any designer (similar to what apparently happens at CES), I’m also hoping to make contact with designers/firms with experience in the industry.

The company I work for is looking to hire out some design work and we’d like to use someone with outdoor-specific experience, preferably hard goods.

Aside from attendees, anyone know of a design firm that’s considered to be leaders in the outdoor products?

Not the winter OR, but I’ll be at the one in August. That’s the BIG show for my company.

If you’re out there along with some other designers, we should all definately have a social drink.

We exhibited at the OR show last week and will probably be at the summer show as well. Being located in Utah, it isn’t to difficult to attend. In fact most of the studio attends every show.

We have a good amount of experience in both softgoods and hardgoods. I would be interested in discussing you needs anytime.

Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Having a designer get together at OR sounds like a good idea.

Yes! what a fabulous idea. A designer get-together at OR! I’ll be there, I design for Ruffwear (

I know some other product people in the industry too, I’ll try to round them up if we can get something organized.