designers duty?

Hi all,

I‘m a german student and I analyse the modern designers duties for a project.

And I‘m very interest in your opinion about this general statement:

”Designers have a dual duty contractually to their clients and morally to the later users and recipients of their work.“

What do you think?
Are these facts the limits and cornerstones of our work?
Perhaps should we disassociate from these controls to work really creative?

Or today is our major task the sustainability and the first design‘s duty to save the ecosystem?
No longer is sustainability nice to have, it is absolutely essential to the design process.
How can we ensure that we use the limited and precious resources we do have without
compromising the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed?
How do we create sustainable solutions that deliver - not only to the population but to the demands of businesses?

You opinion is greatly appreciated for my project!

Best regards

I haven’t heard that before, but I think that sums is up pretty well. Designers tend to become irrelevant when they only do one of those things. When we only serve business, we might as well not even be in the process. When we think only of the user, chances are that our work will not go to production. It is a balance. I do think at the start of a project, it can be helpful to lift a lot of the “constraints” to explore, but I think these two things are always there.

I’m not sure that sustainability is removed from these two things as the last few years have show that it can be good business… and it has also shown that sometimes consumers just don’t want to pay for it. For sustainable products to be successful, they have to be embraced by design, business leadership, marketing and engineering… otherwise we have a bunch of fancy renderings with callouts that say “cornstarch”