Designer's Dilemma.

Hello everyone,
If somebody is working as a Designer(Product, Car, Architect or any other) what are the chances that he can leave the job and start his own business(a design studio or manufacturing of a product,etc) or job as a designer will be more advantageous from all aspects; Designers all over the world develop so many products(concepts) for so many different brands, I wonder if they develop one themselves under their own brand, it can establish them as an entreprenuer and maybe future steve job or Richard Branson, so can a designer run a side business with the Design job? or empty all the brains for somebody…comments will be appreciated. Thank You.

Neither Steve Jobs nor Richard Branson were designers. Dyson says he’s one, but he’s not. Designing a concept s one thing, starting a line of products is quite another.

The question is do you want to be an entrepreneur dogging down one idea for a decade, or do you want to design?

People can often find the best invention but don’t know what to do with them. And people can create a hokie product but with good business skills can become the hottest selling product. Designing great is one thing, having good business is another. It’s good to know a little of both, but you need to know alot of both if you want your own successful design company/brand.

Personally I’d get into the design field under a company to learn how the real world business runs, once you feel comfortable with manufacturing/client relations then consider going off on your own.