Designers desk

Hey guys, Recently I have been looking for a new, modern desk for my design work and college work(trans design). I have been saving many images that are affordable and very stylish desks and also very functional.

What is your thoughts? Share your own!

Wow this one looks really cool. And functional too. Check this out: 15 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office | MYMOVE

I think the first one in its simplicity is my favourite one. So beautiful.

Personally I always loved this one by Barber Osgerby for Cappellini.

Very nice guys!

I’m a big fan of Misewell’s Grain Desk.

Love the solid walnut!

LOVE that covet desk - totally agree; simple and beautiful.

The CB2 desk that opens sucks in person. Bought one for the office.

any suggestions yo?

I got this one for home. Most of those above ones are too complicated for me. I like simple:

plus the joinery on the ends is nice.

For the office I got this one, it is supposed to be a conference table so it is huge. It has a nice little cable management solution built into the top. And it is inexpensive.


Crate furniture is pretty underrated in my opinion. My wife sold it for a few years, and I was always impressed with the quality and design.

Agreed. They have some nice midcentury modern inspired product right now. Their wood tables are well made. Just bought one of their “big sur” tables for the kitchen as well. Will look great paired with some Eames chairs.

We have the same ones for our studio desks. Perfect size for multiple monitors and all the accessories with room left over to draw.

Awesome ideas! The crate and barrel is a bit out of my price range, but the Ikea one looks nice!