Designer's Bookstores in London

I will be in London for a couple of days this spring. During these days I would like to take the opportunity to rummage some designer’s bookstores. My special intersts are marketing, design-management and design-research. Does anyone have suggestions where I definately should go to?

I am sure there must be some around the campus…

Magma (clerkenwell rd or covent garden) is fairly good…mainly graphic design stuff but worth a look.

You could always try the big book store such as foyles on charing cross rd, boarders on oxford st and waterstones on piccadilly.

someone from CSM might know where the uni shop is.


I googled all those hints and found the following:

MAGMA Clerkenwell
117-119 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1R 5BY

MAGMA Covent Garden
8 Earlham Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9RY

113 - 119 Charing Cross Road

120 Charing Cross Road
London, WC2H OJR

Unit MSU1 & MSU2 Parkfield Street
Islington, London, N1OPS

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

Besides that I found:

Any other suggestions where I can find more specialized bookstores?

Thank you very much! Special thanks to dawoolfman666!

There are a few smallish book shops in soho also that might be worth a look, more photography but the odd intersting design book. I dont know there names, but there are several doted around just have wonder…one is next to foyles on charring cross rd

Also check out the big museums :

Tate modern has a massisve bookstore and the design museum has a good one too.
Also check the Serpintine gallery in hyde park, it has a nice small one.

But to be honest, amazon beats the lot hands down

Thank you too, mogus! But do the museums really have more partiqular books about maketing, design-reseach or design-management on stock? Besides that, Amazon is for sure great too, but in this case I would like take a breif look at the books first. That is why I would prefer to rummage stores here.

Not sure if this is too late, but the Design Museum on the South Bank (which HAS to be worth a look if youre in town anyway :wink:) stocks a decent array of books along the lines of which you are looking for.

Thank you very much, for your suggestion, it came just in time. After my return, I will give a brief report, if and where I found something interesting to read. Thank you again so far…