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I’m an Industrial Designer based in Asia. Posted a blog of my works and design activities; welcome feedback and crits! I’ve also been searching for other designer’s blog but with no success. Anyone with recommendations?

My blog is at:


I have a few design blog links on mine you might find interesting.

Have to say though, Blogger really seems to slow down at times. Maybe due to the number of entries in your blog database. Some sites - like MIT Advertising Lab - crawls. You might want to look around for options before you commit too heavily to blogger. Even Core dumped them a couple months ago.

Here’s mine swap links if you like. Nice work by the way.

If you are interested join us for discussion on design in Asia, link at my sig.


heres mine…

and dont forget

firstpullover link not working. I’m not familiar with it and a google turns up nothing. Is it dead and gone?

btw, the paintings are fun stuff. I keep saying I’ll do oils of product lines on which I’ve worked. Never manage to make the time for it though. So thanks for the inspiration. Maybe… maybe… this year.

[Edit: thought that sounded familiar. From the Core77 homepage: ]

nice blog. good to see more designers posting their process and behind the scenes sketches, etc.

my blog is the htp:// mentioned covering the design and development of footwear, production, factories, etc…

maybe we could start another thread with all the designer’s blog posted in one place…?