Designers are bigamist scumbags

At least, that’s the impression from NYPD Blue tonight, which featured a guest character who ran a styly NY design firm, married to his office manager (who gave a nice one-sentence version of “what is design” - if you’ve ever used any of the high-end laptops or personal lighting accessories), with a second wife (although that marriage is fake), kids with both and a girlfriend.

You really think NYPD Blue depicts real people?

the girlfriend was also an intern from RISD who he brought on full time…
I think the second wife was a former employee

oh the fun

I saw another nice representation of our popular feild on TV yesterday.

It was on a commericial for ITT technical institute. A testimonial from a former student: to paraphrase: “I’m a Dad, a coatch, a Husband, and I had time to go to ITT tech’s engineering program, now I work as an INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER in a manufacturing plant”