Designers and engineers are being marginalized in the U.S

The attached article outlines how DEI and ESG are wreaking havoc on American companies like Boeing. I’ve been monitoring this trend since the pandemic. At the heart if the issue is the marginalization of those that design and build things. HR and finance have ruined what used to be good companies.

Some argue outside of the article that this is the result of Marxist or Communist take-overs of organizations that includes the entire education sector as well.

Have you seen this in your organization? Is DEI and ESG a good thing, or is it tearing your work place apart and marginalizing your role as a designer?

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You, and the article, are dog whistles. Simple as that. Absolutely no evidence is given, in any way, you or the article. Just a boogeyman. You really should be ashamed. And the article even contradicts itself. Is it non-Boing people in the C-suite, or is it DEI? Also, it says the people who don’t want to politicize something, are politicizing it.

The sad fact is that you and your ilk honestly think you can quantify best qualified. I bet you don’t even see the irony in that statement. But do tell, what is your magic equation? Until it is shared, I’ll consider you for what you are.


Yikes. Just…yikes. What a piece of absolute garbage - effectively a propagation of ‘the great replacement theory’ masquerading as investigative journalism. This is not an investigation drawing evidence-based conclusions from multiple, corroborated, fact-checked sources. It’s an interview with one person whose only qualification is “insider.” Shame on you for spreading this nonsense.


The trend of marginalizing engineers happened 40 years ago, nothing new there. Diversity training and hiring is great though. There’s always been this pool of people who were being passed over for jobs and now that companies have put an emphasis on hiring them, they are getting chances to shine.

It’s also notable that the last two CEOs of Boeing have been white guys. What’s their excuse for failure?


I call bs.

If a “source” isn’t going to put their name to an interview, at such a huge company where you’re effectively anonymous, it might as well be ghostwritten. That is how it reads anyway.

To the OP’s point, Economist had a decent piece on the recent upheavals at the Ivy League schools, and listed how DEI initiatives were more a symptom than a cause, but became an easy target.


“Prince Jim” (Boeing CEO Jim McNerney)—as some long-timers used to call him—repeatedly invoked a slur for longtime engineers and skilled machinists in the obligatory vanity “leadership” book he co-wrote. Those who cared too much about the integrity of the planes and not enough about the stock price were “phenomenally talented assholes,” and he encouraged his deputies to ostracize them into leaving the company.

From: Suicide Mission - Boeing


While I don’t disagree with the article, there is probably some truth to the other side of the story. I work in a highly regulated field, medical devices. If I had to point to a bottleneck, many times it is quality. There is a strong resistance to change. And with a new launch, there is tendency to use old ways on a new thing that is usually not optimal in many ways. Ask them to innovate, you can get blank stares.

I will say though, the last and still ongoing battle I am having is with finance and not quality. So it comes from everywhere.

Are you lost? This isn’t a crowd of brainless idiots looking for some misguided cause to make them feel better about themselves. This kind of drivel has no place or effect here. DEI and ESG are not why Boeing is failing. Marxism and Communism are buzzword spectres used by a political group that relies wholly on fearmongering the easily deceived into rallying against their own best interests.

This crap is so easily dismissed I’m convinced the only people who actually believe it are those who already hold hate in their hearts and are just looking for any thinly-veiled excuse to express that hate. At the core of it, it’s sad people who I think recognize their own shortcomings, but rather than facing them down and changing for the better, they seek the easy out - trumping up claims that make them feel “better than” some marginalized group. You’re not better than anyone. In fact, this type of dog whistling only serves as a clear indicator to everyone smarter than you that you’re just a sad, insufferable jerk.

I hope you learn and do better in the future.


"HR and finance have ruined what used to be good companies… …this is the result of Marxist or Communist take-overs of organizations. "
Make your mind up - is it the mercenary finance departments or the communist academics who are to blame for this thing you perceive?

Guys…don’t kill the messenger here.

Ignore this emergent issue at your own peril.

Telling someone to keep their baseless and bigoted dog whistles to themselves is not killing the messenger. It’s telling someone screaming nonsense to stop being an annoyance.

I don’t know who you are or what your story is. I don’t know your reasons for feeling like you needed to incite divisiveness and hate, but I can tell you that there is never a good reason for it. This isn’t something like climate change where there is real, scientific evidence of a problem that we have created that is going to lead to our ruin unless we act on it. The views you’re espousing aren’t based in any form of reality, they’re based in sad, insecure individuals feelings of inadequacy and sad attempts to feel superior to others. If you feel insecure, go get therapy. Stop trying to take it out on others.


Sorry, no. This is in no way a “don’t shoot the messenger” situation, which implies said messenger is simply being ordered to deliver someone else’s information, carrying no responsibility for its content. No one forced you to post this article. It was not your job or your duty. It was your choice. It was your choice to spread ignorance, bigotry, and hate. And while you are certainly free to make that choice, you cannot escape responsibility by claiming you are simply a messenger. You are an enabler, propagator, and abettor - whether or not you believe yourself to be.

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Are you effing serious? Boeing screwed Boeing up. Greedy share holders with boot licking upper-management cutting corners to make a few extra pennies and spineless middle and lower management afraid to hit the stop button on the production lines because of the former. Boeing should be fined into bankruptcy and upper management shot for the numerous stupid moments they’ve gotten so adept at.
Their failures have cost lives and will cost more lives, some simple eye-for-an-eye accountability is a reasonable way to to change management attitudes.

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Again, I am waiting for actual evidence. What DEI initiative changed an SOP or change order, or work instruction or product history record, or etc? We are all waiting. You posted an opinion piece. We now have all opinions of your character based on the crap you continually post.

But not to shoot the messenger, show us anything, that is actual evidence that a DEI initiative created an adverse outcome. Back it with data, not the bullshit you typically post.

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I am sorry but DEI and ESG are totally separated from the quality of work of individual. Agree with the others - show us some evidence behind the statements.

There is little to no ground-truth evidence for this topics yet anywhere. Yeah guys in general more interested in cars or mechanisms. I agree. But I know a lot of brilliant minds behind epic creations in science and tech / products who are not “white men”. What a shame that such articles can jump from topic to topic to bias the public opinion. The Boeing problem is complex I think but I heard a lot about how CEO changes and top-management made quality worse through the last years.

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It does not take much effort to connects the dots with the fire hose of data coming out on this issue. This dropped all over the web on Thursday. From the fringes to mainstream sources (AP news), this trend appears to have legs. Boeing has gone full gangster capitalist.

Except not a single word from Mr. Salehpour (that name sounds ferrin) about DEI.

You chose to bring DEI into it, not Mr. Salehpour.

Keep digging, putz.

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What’s “ferrin” ?

Not merkin.

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