Designers and Dogs

not a dog (or cat) person really. dont like being tied so dependently on my timing/travel to something without much in return (im also single, so maybe thats a theme).

also, cant stand the smell of many dogs and the hair all over the place.

i do have an 5ft. long iguana, but my mom now takes care of it since i went away to university (10 years ago). it’s hers now, but i still drop in to visit. nice, quiet, doenst smell, looks bad ass.

this is my current (and only) pet (aside from a stuffed Ermine/weasel, cowskin rug, and a few fur throw pillows) -


I don’t know what to say to that… I want to offer my condolences, but also have an urge to crack a joke.
Hope he’s okay = )

I know this has been asked before, but I can’t find the post. How do i post a picture. I want to put one up of my dog but don’t know how. Can some one let me know or give me a link to the post.

You can post a picture now by clicking the “choose file” link at the bottom the screen when you are posting a message. Then click “add attachment”

Yeah, I love that thing!

reminds me of this :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks !
You said in another thread you were coming to Singapore the end of this month. Maybe perhaps you can get me this elephant and I will pay you for it. (joke only)

I’ve got a gang of bears, a silly little dog.
I’ll show my pet later :wink:

baby elephant !! JUMBO!

rkuchinsky, molested cow (nice prospective pet name :wink: )
come on, thats earless, eyeless green looking pet looks a little scary… Spooky pillow !
I’ll show you my Pet later !

true. but still its sad to see death.
i don’t exactly like cats for some reason. but I don’t even mind keeping a piglet but not a cat…

3: Yeah baby!

Husky Mix

…And a 2.5 year old human. :smiling_imp:

death is just a part of life. You have harped on a “simpler way of life, as in farming” well kid in farming death is all around you in a very natural way. My family is from the farm, all of my family (father, mother, sibilings) grew up on tradional intragrated farms (not only major crop but vegs, meat, poultry grown for own consumption) so my perspective is far different than most/ Cats are different, they are barely domseticated and certainly not our slaves as they can fend for themselfs if let go into the “wild” they live with us in collabration. To me cats exibit independence, interdependence and compentancy all things I find appealing. Piglets, now are cute but I have to go with Tony Bordaine on this one and say " on a spit, stuffed with herbs and basted with coconut water while being slow roasted over a open fire"…Yummm love pork.

i have a retired greyhound. 75# of legs and muscle. she’s 8 now, raced for the first 4 years of her life. best dog (of many) i’ve ever had.