Designers and Dogs

How many of you have dogs. If so what kind. I have a Corgi.

My golden passed away last year :frowning:

30lb, 17" at the sholder tom cat…

Do all of your replies have to contain stats and numbers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently have a cat…although I am a “dog person”. Grew up with a Basset Hound.

I’m more a cat person, but like my friend to have a nice dog to play with no and again. I always found those who have a dog in there house always smells lie dog…maybe I’m generalising to much, but I can certainly tell when I walk in to a house if it smells like dog.

2: black and chocolate brown labrador lady

… and that means there no cats around my house :wink:

A medium sized dog and two cats. Good thing I have a large Hong Kong apartment :slight_smile:

Sorry cow. These kind of questions just poped in my head. Every designer I work with has a dog roughly the same size. Kind of strange, and I was just wondering if it was a trend.

My Studio Dog, Maxine, is a volatile mix of Beagle & Sheltie. She holds the titles of Senior Soiling Coordinator and Manager of Canine Resources.

She’s not that blurry in real life (but close).

Great topic. Most independent designers I know have a dog laying around the studio…

I work in the Snackfood part of Mars Inc. but we own quite a few pet food brands and in their office you are actually allowed to bring your pet to work. You are responsible for them of course.

Bugsy - 4 year old black pug


Beans - 6 month old boston terrier

My parents have 15 yo pug. He will be needing a rear leg pull cart very soon due to nerve problems.

Yup I have a dog sized cat.

My Wheaton Terrier Abby:

Louie:: A 7 year old Dachshund | Beagle mix who thinks he’s about 7 feet tall [ with the bark to match ]

envious of you people…
the main reason of me not having any pet is because I don’t want to see it die so soon. Also because I do not have time to care for dogs too.

dogs are very real friends to keep. If I were to keep one: it would be anything except German Shepards, Pugs, Rotweilers (spelling)…

Golden Retriever, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Collie, terrier would be fine ones.

but really i would very much prefer a baby elephant.


Here you go. A baby elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand last week. This was at an Elephant Nature Park where the elephants don’t do tricks. They are just trying to live a normal life.
Chiang Mai 330.jpg

death is part of life, my old tom cat is 12 yo now, likely has anouther 4-5 years left in him. when he go’s I will miss the old monster, but thats is life.

Be careful of what you ask for. Baby elephants certainly don’t stay baby forever, and they do get VERY big.

Nonetheless, I definitely would like to have an elephant as a friend, life time friend. They have more compassion than most human beings.

A side joke:

A zoo keeper found his long time companion elephant die in the zoo, and started weeping at the elephant’s body. Why?

Cus he has to dig a hole to bury it!