Designers and Cooking

Just wondering how many of you designer are also into cooking. Is probably my second passion aside from design.

love to eat and drink…antony bordains “no reservations” is one of my must watch shows.

I use cooking as a diversion more than anything. It isn’t a passion, but I do get a kick out of the creative aspect of it.

I have found that I enjoy it even more now that my daughter is getting old enough to “help”. Its a great way to teach and enjoy time with her.

take a look at Jim Harrison’s “Adventures of a Roving Gourmand” or “Outlaw Cook” by John Thorne. Both share great insights into cooking, the passion and psychology of, and what drives us to cook and eat. They primarily focus on simple cooking, mentioning that an ameteur cook compared to a professional chef is like comparing a country club tennis tournament champion to Andre Agassi. Quite a bit of humor and a look into their own lives which I really enjoyed. Hardly cookbooks, but you’ll get some fine recipes from both. Waiting on Bourdain’s book in the mail right now. Oh, and yep, I enjoy cooking. But I’m no Agassi.

I’m no Agassi either but it is something that I enjoy. Its relaxing to me. And it can be very creative at time. This time of year it is all ablout the weber but coming soon is the thanksgiving feast. My wife and I host that every year and we start writing the menu… well about now. I better get to it.

Just wondering if cooking a designers go together. I certianly think there is kind of a “Design” element to creating a great meal.

Funny you mention this. When I moved to Canada I didn’t realize how much I would miss Thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and it never felt right to me. About 5 years after I moved here I started to host a US Thanksgiving Dinner. It started out as my wife and about 4 friends. It has turned into an annual event where last year I think I had 35 people in our house. I absolutely love cooking for that event (I do all the cooking) and around this time of year I get people starting to ask if we’re going to be doing it again.


bordain, smokes, drinks, swears, will eat and enjoy most anything and shows respect to the locals…my kinda a dude.

I love to cook and also eat at the foodie places around the city. It inspires me to try and cook fancier stuff at home. I also love neat gadgets and it goes without saying that there are some delicious looking cooking knives out out there.

love cooking. esp. the “plating” part, making everything look fancy, tall and with springs of stuff poping out. i do it even when i cook for myself.

agreed there are some great cooking tools out there. dont go for the “gadget” stuff so much, but Global knives (got the set, but actually use a single ceramic knife i got in japan almost exclusively), Rosle tools and Paderno pots kinda thing. plus got a lot of vintage 50’s chrome appliances (toaster, mixmasters, blenders, beaters) that are a charm to use (and work better than most modern plastic crap).

for me, cooking is a good escape after a long day working, and cooking for 1 is nice that if it turns out crap, i can always dump it and go out with no hard feeling.

i enjoy making almost everything from scratch, and its nice to know what’s going into my food (dont eat particularly healthy- mmmmm real butter), but at least its not full of synthetics and preservatives.


I despise people who can’t cook… :smiling_imp:

I see cooking as a modern urban survival skill. I mean, food is one of our basic needs and why should I put that need into someone else’s hand to determine what I will eat?

Most importantly, I find that there is less risk of eating nasty food if I do it myself.

I agree cow. When I here someone say they cannot cook I tell them they have not tried. I look at cooking the same as sketching or drawing. People may not be able to create picture perfect design sketch but they can put some lines together to get their point across. This is the same as with cooking. They may not be able to cook like Bobby Flay but they can put some good ingrediants together to create a decent meal if they really put your mind to it. This is why I think cooking a Design go together.