Designers Accord?

I’m one of the first people/companies to sign up for the Designers Accord. I know this based on no other fact than I signed up the day I read the press release about it. So, I was within 1 week of their public announcement of the program.

The only reason that this holds any relevance is because I have received, to the best of my memory, zero pieces of communication from the group.

Yet, I see it has a title page heading here in the Core77 boards.

My lack of visibility aside, does the Designers Accord hold ANY relevance? Is it still active? What’s the deal?

OK, this has taken even a new twist…the Designer’s Accord, as stated on it’s website:

So, effectively, the Designer’s Accord as we knew it is defunct.

I’m still confused as to what this group is about, and if it truly carried/carries any value.

I could never make head’s or tails of what it’s actual mission was anyways. It seemed to me it was some pretty high-level fluff, and that something like LEED was going to always get more done in the world.

I thought it was an IDEO initiative run by one of their designers (Val Casey), and their main activities were having panel discussions at schools and universities. Never heard of any deliverables other than that but I didn’t follow. Funny that you didn’t get anything.