Masterblaster said: “Designerds can be a little too anal about a single line. Look at their seniors- they can define a good idea or a great form with chicken scratch”

Excellent word. I´d like to hear some definitions.

A guy who sketches in blue pencil, because he thinks it´s cool, but doesn´t know why.

Those who think that design is only about appearence.

I recently bought the Alias DVD for the painting features… they made wonderful illustrations but would keep ctrl-Z-ing the lines that they would sketch until they were perfect. Throw a line, doesn’t look perfect, Ctrl-Z, throw a line, dones’t look perfect yet, Ctrl-Z, … over and over. I know they are making conceptual sketches and that the lines would later define 3d geometry, but at some point in there it sort of seems like it could be more about making an artistic picture… $.02