Designer Yard Sale?

One thing I’ve found interesting on this site is the lack of a “designer marketplace”. Not for new products, but for USED. Craigslist just doesn’t always pull the right consumer for certain goods.

-The painting easel taking up room in your office, the bag of (washed!) plastic bottles you collected for that project you did in college, that DIY toaster oven you don’t use anymore…

Wouldn’t it be nice if Core77 had a marketplace for such things just tailored for designers?

*- Speaking of which, I have a pair (2!) of AUTHENTIC MAGIS BOMBO hydraulic stools designed by Stefano Giovannoni that I am selling to the best offer. Retail for about $800! Definitely a good conversation piece.
bombo chair.jpg

i know there are few “for sale” boards at some of the other modernist websites…

but i know what you mean about the lack of a catch-all place to go for good stuff outside of ebay and craigslist. one can only take going through countless ikea crap listed as “eames style”.

When I was living in Denmark, I used to frequent

Only high quality stuff, professional pics, and good background info on all pieces. it’s sorta a combo between an ebay, craigslist and garage sale. You bring the piece to one of their showrooms, tell them how much you want to sell it for, they take the pics and list it, and take a % of sales. The benefit is that they take care of all shipping and auction maintenance, and you can see the piece in the showroom if you happen to live nearby.

good stuff.

maybe someone could license/copy this model for the north american market?..

I dunno about buying used bottles, but for quality furniture, with a more diverse and cheaper range than Sotheby’s, etc. it would be great! Definitely needs to be moderated/edited though to avoid the usual ebay crapolla.


Thanks, I appreciate the reply. That’s good information, and maybe it’ll help me find a place a little more close than Denmark. :slight_smile:

And I completely agree. I think buying used stuff is great- one person helping another. But going through countless postings of advertisements, spam, items that for some reason have the same keyword- it makes the process that much more difficult.

If anyone else knows where I could sell my used, but great pieces of furniture, please let me know. I love them, but don’t have the place for them right now. Taking BEST offer- $700 for both?

It would be nice to be able to sell used (but still alive) markers and half pads of paper. When I moved out of my Apt last year I had to get rid of about 50 new cans of spray paint. The paint was compt so it was not that big of a deal.