Designer wardrobe?

I’m generally a black T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Sometimes I wear a dress shirt. How do you guys dress? Do you have any influences for your style?

I will no longer wear anything that isn’t made of stretch fabric these days. Not saying I’m a fan of the athleisure segment, but my wardrobe is all stretch all the time now…

Blue jeans and an ASU t-shirt. A round neck striped sweater in winter.

Nothing but pure silk touches this body.

I don’t think I’ve worn jeans since 2012.

You might just want to go your own way.
Rumour has it, that I used to look almost exactly like Mick Fleetwood on the cover, when I went to school in the 90ies. Lol.

hopefully minus the tassels, mo-i? :rofl:

My wardrobe has been described as “geek chic” … whatever that means.

Haven’t tucked a shirt in 5 years, don’t plan on it soon. Tee shirts are for under a proper shirt for work, OK as a standalone on the weekends and it is a quality tee (made from merino).

I don’t want to see legs at work, OK for the weekend. Other than that, anything goes.

Half (OK, not half, I live in Canada) the time I’m working (product testing, client “meetings”, event/consumer research)…