Designer Unboxing: Speedland SL:PDX trail shoes

I unboxed a pair of these crazy trail shoes today by Speedland, which was founded by two old Nike colleagues of mine. These things are $375. Interesting to see what went into them. Full disclosure they sent them to me to give them a try for free. I love the intent and I’m really curious to see how they do in the market with that price point. Wish them the best.

You can learn all about them here:

A little from Kevin and Dave:

I do like the fact the manufacturer is taking responsibility for recycling. Having the consumer do it is just a shit show, and manufacturers know that fact.

The price point certainly reflects that added “feature”, but after conducting a lot of research into the “value” of that “feature”, consumers will take the easy way out and spend less, unfortunately every time. It is going to take legislation for the manufacturer to do the recycling, and until then, I don’t think this will work.

Just got my pair yesterday. Amazing.

I can’t wait to dig into them and give them a trail running test. Just looking at the design, it’s so clear that they are designed by runners, it really makes you wonder why most running shoe designers are not runners…


First impressions…

PS. Geez, my audio quality is poor. What’s your set-up, Michael? I need to up my game.

Is lug/knob clipping a ‘thing’ for competitive trail running? Commonly seen at the higher levels of World Cup MTB downhill racing… nearly everyone running Maxxis or Specialized rubber, not so much Michelin.

Speedland just released the all new GS:TAM.

Here’s my first impressions. You can always tell when professional footwear designers are also runners :slight_smile: