Designer Salary Survey 2011

It seems the Design Salary Surveys are offline because of the Coroflot refresh. Is there anywhere I can still get to them or any word on when they might be up again? I need some of that precious data. :slight_smile:

I thought they hadn’t compiled the 2011 results yet. I looked several times and found nothing, even a month or two before the site refresh. But you mean that the older archived versions are gone as well?

It looks like they all refer to the same link: Design Salary Guide | Coroflot

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine :bulb:
add any old website page address…
Coroflot - 2009 Designer Salary Survey

Just remember to be careful using this as a bible. They way it was complied does not lend itself to stand up to too much scrutiny…

Awesome ADD, thank you.

Also has some good info on salary.

Quora also has some good answers. This is for Interaction Designers… but think it is good info regardless.