Designer Portfolio for Review

Hey guys!

I am a designer currently working at AGENT ( and have just recently refreshed my portfolio. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


I just had a quick scan through your portfolio and it looks good. I wanted to have a good look at project 1, but there isn’t much in-depth information available. This could be a point to improve or maybe you did this on purpose.

A thing I would like to mention about the layout:

  • On the front page, 1. product is a bit hard to read because of the white on white.
  • I had to look twice to the meaning of the titles on the front page, like 1. product 2. concept. The titles did not return in the portfolio, but just as project 1 and project 2. Maybe there is a way to integrate the titles.

Mixel, thanks a lot on the comments! Regarding the clarity of project 1 you are right I may very well try to explain more in detail how it all works, however I wanted all the projects to have similar spans and eventually explain that in a proper interview.

About the titles I shall change that, I guess it has to be much logical the relationship between the introduction and the actual project display.

Thanks a lot!!