Designer not copy writer..

Whatsup guys im new to this site… So ive been dabbling in freelance furniture design for a bit now, and Ive run into the same prob i always did in school- I cant describe/explain my designs very well.
Now that I am producing and marketing my own product, I badly need to be able to write copy describing my product in a way that makes it desirable to consumer. I know what im thinking in my head while im designing it, but when it gets time to present it i sound like somebody who should be renting out surfboards in a straw hut somewhere.

Anyways Ive attached a pic of my latest piece… its a coastally inspired chair; the base is cast concrete, the uppers are finished wood w/ brass hardware. My target market is the high-end beach home atmosphere. Im just finding it hard to say much else… any insight??

Any help is appreciated thanks!!

Photography is way more important than copy, and that photograph is pretty dire honestly. I don’t get “beach house” from that, I get “suburban kitchen nook with an HDR filter.” Those don’t strike me as dining chairs either. With the table edge coming in where it does, these look like kids’ chairs. Professional photography is worth it, especially if you can work out a trade.

As for the text, we’ve been getting away from descriptive copy in our stuff. I don’t think it gets read. Unless there’s something that just can’t be conveyed any other way, I think you’re better off telling the story with the picture, and just covering details in the text.

Try to imagine what you would want to know if you were a customer. You don’t need to tell someone that it’s “modern style,” or anything else that’s self-evident. I would want to know if I can use these outdoors. Are they too heavy for one person to move? What kind of wood is it? Are they made here?

Thank you for your insight. Im glad to hear your views on the “less words” approach, Im all for that myself. Especially when the photography is powerful.

You are right, these are not dining chairs. Theyre to be static pieces paired with a coffee/tea table or end table.

As for the critique, thanks, but I wasnt really expecting it,ha. This image was just tossed together as a conceptual sketch. Shoulda just uploaded a raw photo. Nonetheless u were spot on, thats my kitchen, and my dining table with my computer was sitting on!

Heres a clearer less distracting pic


Please refrain from text type. This is a professional forum. Use apostrophes and full words.

Welcome to the boards Clarke.

Please refrain from text type. This is a professional forum. Use apostrophes and full words.

Which may be why you’re having difficulties composing copy. You, you are, you’re, your, then, than, there, their, they’re… A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photo can’t convey how much one or your chairs weigh, what materials are used, where it fits into the home, etc.

“Retro Nautique” … . how so? For that matter… what is nautique furniture, let alone retro nautique? I lived aboard a Dufour 39 for a while when I was younger; we didn’t have any furniture at all … it was only a 40’ sloop and it was all “built-in”. Words need to explain why it is “retro nautique”. Retro-Nautique does have a nice sound to it… . I just can’t identify, or relate to what it is.

To be brutally honest, it looks really uncomfortable. The “reclined” backrest, without any kind of relief on the front “leg” doesn’t look like it leaves your heels anywhere to go (forcing you to lean forward) if you were at table.

You didn’t really use massive concrete on those, did you ?
just kidding…

There might be a market that accepts concrete as seating even
with the weight constrains, but usually one sees benches, not
single seaters. Could be a small niche in the market, could either
be there was only a shadow, not a niche… You’ll find out

But for heavens sake try to get them out of your condo. Do you
have a beach terrass near your place? Anything with sunglare
and a view?


Clarke… . post some of your copy. Let’s see how it reads.

If you don’t have a body of copy yet, just post the descriptive words that are “in your head” in a random fashion.