Designer Interview

I’m an Industrial Design student at UW-Stout. We have a project we are doing in engineering Graphics. Each of us must interview someone in the field of our majors (Industrial design) I actually don’t personally know anyone who is in the field at the time, So any help I can get is really appreciated!
The questions are:
1-What are the drafting conventions or standards that you use when creating 2D documents? (E.g ASME Y14)
2-What are the dimensioning and tolerancing standards you use in your field when specifiying sizes?
3-What industries are your collaborators, clients, consultants - Do those professionals have a different graphic language?
4-(Personal Question) What design software is the most commonly used and basic for concept sketching?

I REALLY REALLY Appreciate anyone who can help me out with this. Another huge helpful part is if you can PM me your name, Title, Company, and Email. I know that may be too much to ask but anything helps.
I hope these questions are clear enough for you. Some of them are kind of weird for Industrial Design but this class is important. We work with AutoCAD and its a lot of dimensioning and good stuff to have as a basis for ID.